WhatsApp this week: Vacation mode, group call updates, dark mode improvements and more

WhatsApp this week: Vacation mode, group call updates, dark mode improvements and more

WhatsApp is constantly working towards adding new features to its platform. In the past week, reports have detailed a host of features from vacation mode to group call updates to a new website to a new website to notify users about the security bugs in its platform that will be available in the messaging app in future.

So, take a peek at everything that happened in WhatsApp this week:

Customisable wallpapers

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will enable users to set different wallpapers in different chats. As of now, users can select one wallpaper that is visible in all chats. The company is planning to change that by allowing users to customise their chat backgrounds.

Vacation mode

WhatsApp is working on a vacation mode feature that will keep archived chats hidden even as the Android users get a new message in the archived chat. As per a report by WABetaInfo, Archived Chats will appear in a separate section in the Chats window and only when users tap on it they will be able to access the hidden chats. Additionally, this section will come with special settings that will enable users to pick whether or not they want the notification for archived chats to be displayed.

Group call updates

WhatsApp is working on updating its group call feature. The company is adding a new ringtone for group calls. It is also adding a new tone to when users end a call. Lastly, the company will add a new feature that will enable users to join a missed call if it’s still on.

Dark theme improvements to WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is making improvements to dark theme available in WhatsApp Web. Now, WhatsApp Web users will be able to customise the theme based on their PC’s theme.

Doodle improvements

WhatsApp is also making updates to its doodle feature. Soon, users will be able to add doodles in chat solid colours. This feature, however, is still in the developmental phase and it will available in the messaging platform in future.

Security advisory website

WhatsApp has launched a new security advisory website that will inform about bugs and vulnerabilities in the platform that the company cannot always release in the app release notes due to app store restrictions. The company has said that it is working with leading security firms for the same.

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