The Best Awkward Celebrity Interviews

The Best Awkward Celebrity Interviews

The best celebrity interviews are the ones where it gets a little bit weird.

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20 thoughts on “The Best Awkward Celebrity Interviews

  • Wayne Waterman says:


  • Dwight Trumpinizer says:

    0:36 She's hot

  • Nickel Beats says:

    Every time I hear Jerry Seinfeld's voice I think about bee movie. Like he just got a naturally cartoonish ,full voice .????

  • iago68 says:

    interesting clips. but lose the fucking background "music."

  • jodeci parker says:


  • Lord H4773Rthe2nd says:

    Piers Morgan used to love to scrape the bottom of the pot of the Republican party and bring them on his show to make them look as stupid as possible because he knew they would make a fool of themselves on national television. He made a serious mistake bringing Ben Shapiro on the show as he totally thwarted every one of Piers' attempts to make him look stupid. Watch the interview it's really funny!

  • elmin82 says:

    who's the blond girl at 00:35?

  • MyMedsDontWork says:

    My nigga Jerry

  • sparrow Helm says:

    gene simmons is an asshole..he doesn't treat Shannon very nice,..i don't know why she would conintue to marry him he not to smart he needs to think before he speaks.

  • TheWolverineiscool _ says:

    nothing wrong with a bowtie

  • Ra Singh says:

    Alex Jones comments were the funniest… 1:00

  • Manly Men says:

    Alex jones, you crazy bastard lol

  • Music, Movies and Memories says:

    "Please come back" hahaha

  • whitacre8 says:

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  • Coll Bisby says:

    why do u have to add this fucking stupid music to every video buzzfeed fuck you

  • jsphat81 says:

    Seinfeld seems arrogant as fuck! What a douchebag.

  • Spooky says:

    1:45 Bowties are cool tho..

  • The Kehwanna Coast says:

    0:24 – I told you all he was a robot. Look at him, they make me sick glitching like that.

  • caleb rogers says:

    alex jones FTW!!!

  • OmegaSconer says:

    I remember that alex jone interview. Holy shit, words cant even describe it.