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Funny Bloopers: LPS TV News Minute Update with Reuben McScales | Littlest Pet Shop News

No matter how professional of a reporter Reuben McScales may be, bloopers are bound to happen! Everyone makes mistakes! Today’s LPS TV News Minute Update features Buttery Greenfield reporting live from downtown about the exciting festivities taking place. Hmm, Minka, you’re kind of hogging the whole show! Now you can bring these Littlest Pet Shop […]

Funny Bloopers: LPS TV News Minute Update with Chi-Chi Ostos | Littlest Pet Shop News

It’s time for our favorite part of LPS TV News Minute Updates… Bloopers! As if Chi-Chi Ostos didn’t have enough problems today trying to report with Archibald Parry, the silly parrot, seems like no one is able to get it right! We feel a little bad for Chi-Chi, but at the same time, we can’t […]