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11 Best Moments From the 2015 MTV VMA’s

VMA Winners ►► https://youtu.be/OvpKSdiSnRo More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews HOLY SH** YOU GUYS. I just finished watching tonight’s VMAs and I don’t even know what happened but apparently we’re breaking down our top highlights right here… right now… on Clevver’s Trophy Life. With Miley Cyrus hosting the night’s festivities, it was guaranteed to be a […]

Roman Atwood: from sketches that “sucked” to wildly popular pranks | Creator Interview

Roman shares how some tough love from his viewers helped him make the switch from sketches that weren’t cutting through, to an incredibly successful prank channel. Find out how persistence and positivity play a major role in his life, and how daily vlogging helps him make life for his family a continuing adventure. Find us […]

BLOOPERS from Foot Volleyball (Jokgu) (족구) Recreational Game in South Korea

Here are BLOOPERS from my limited experience with FOOT VOLLEYBALL played in South Korea. During my four month work assignment to South Korea in 2008 my Korean work colleagues and friends offered me outstanding hospitality and treated me like royalty on all fronts. I experienced the many areas and facets of the country, its people, […]