Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition Review

Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition Review

What can a tech enthusiast with a budget of around Rs 5,000 for a pair of truly wireless earphones stand out? Realme has the answer, with its Buds Air Pro Master Edition variant, which is also being called the New Wave Silver colour option.

These Apple AirPods look-alikes stand out with its all silver paint job, which makes the device shimmer and look elegant. If you were to look from afar, they look as if they were made of pure silver.

The Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition has been designed by French designer José Lévy of Hermés. And the work put in to design the buds and charging case resonates class.

They are quite scratch resistant and till now have been able to handle my usage, but we will have to see how they fare in the long term, with the number of scratches increasing and making them less and less shiny.

Now that I have drooled a lot about the colour choice and the overall looks of the buds, let me talk to you about the issues I see many people having with these. First and foremost being that this colour is an acquired taste and not all will like it. I showed it to multiple friends, all of whom had mixed reactions. So make the choice after a good amount of thought, as you will have to live with this investment for quite some time. The second downfall is that the silver coating might eventually rub off or darken, leaving you with a not so good looking pair of earphones.

Now that my rant about the design is over, let’s get into how the product actually performs and is it worth Rs 4,999 or not. And if so should you get the Master Edition, or stick with a conventional colour like Black or White.

Realme Buds Air Pro Review

Realme Buds Air Pro are tightly packed in the case which shuts magnetically. The buds are a bit difficult to take out of the case, but that ensures the safety of them not popping out. The case looks quite futuristic, just like a UFO, and the front indicator lights just add to the look. There is also a pairing button on the side, which can easily be missed if you forgot to read the manual.

The reason for the Pro tag on these is the three microphones located on each earbud, two for active and environmental noise cancellation, and one to capture your voice on calls. The buds also come with an IPX4 rating, which will save them from the accidental rains and sweat.

The earbuds come with 10mm dynamic drivers to help with the sound output. Realme claims that its super-low latency mode can bring down the audio delay to 94ms, which seems to be quite accurate and comes extremely handy while gaming. But, it does compromise on the sound a bit while in its super low latency mode.

Just like the Buds Air, these also come with touch sensors on the outer part of each earpiece, which does enhance the user experience. Especially when customised using the Realme Link app.

The Realme Link app apart from customising what the earbuds can do, also show you the battery level of each earpiece and the case, change the noise control mode, and activate one of the three special modes. It also allows the users to update the buds whenever an update comes. The Buds also come with support for Google Fast Pair.

Coming to the sound quality of the buds, I have to say that I was fairly surprised. At the price, they provide a good sound output, decent active noise cancellation and a lot of additional features.

The sound output is quite clean with the buds being quite comfortable for using for longer durations. However, there is a bit of improvement room in audio output detail, which I found missing while listening to multiple songs.

A good thing that I liked about the earbuds is its strong bass response, which stood out while hearing most of my playlist. Apart from the low bass notes, the earphones were able to perfectly deliver comfortable mids and highs.

I personally liked the soundstage that the earbuds were able to create, but the lack of detail while listening to music made it a bit difficult for me to pinpoint what issue was there. However, when I switched to listening to compressed audio files, I could guess that the issue was being caused due to its tuning, which has been geared more towards bass-heavy songs rather than slow detail-filled songs.

The Buds Air Pro has a decent active noise cancellation feature, which most might find useful at the price. Do not expect it to be as good as a pair of expensive noise cancellation headphones, but it sure does hold its own for the price.

The Buds along with the case were able to provide me with around two days worth of usage, in an on again off again usage pattern. I was able to charge them fully within two hours with a normal USB Type-C charger.

The Bottomline

Realme Buds Air Pro are a surprisingly good pair of truly wireless earphones, you can get under Rs 5,000. And that is not just for the sound. The earbuds look extremely premium, making me feel that the company could have charged more to the customers for just that.

Overall, considering the design, features, and sound quality, I will say that you go ahead with the purchase without a second thought. And if you like to stand out, then the Master Edition should be your choice.


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