OPPO Enco X: The true wireless noise-cancelling earbuds you’ve been waiting for

OPPO Enco X: The true wireless noise-cancelling earbuds you’ve been waiting for

Infusing technological artistry in everything it does, OPPO has built a long legacy in not only the smartphone industry but within the acoustic segment as well. For decades now, the brand has been pioneering some of the finest pieces of audio peripherals. Starting with the early stage MP3 and MP4, OPPO’s audio ambitions have made way for devices that embraces the latest innovation. For its newest pair of truly wireless earphones, OPPO has taken the tech quotient to the next level.

In line with OPPO’s commitment to create memorable experiences for consumers, we witnessed a spectacular launch on January 18th for the OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones. The device will now be available for purchase from January 22nd. From its wide-ranging features and industry-first specs, the OPPO Enco X is shaping up to be a consumer favorite.

The OPPO Enco X is a power-packed product within the audio space and one which will have the competition and audiophiles alike sit up and take notice. After a week of using the earbuds, I am quite impressed with the brand’s innovative offering. Whether it be OPPO’s collaboration with Dynaudio or the introduction of DBEE 3.0, the fine-tuning of the audio output has left me with a happy smile.

An unmatched audio quality

The brand has definitely upped the ante with an exhaustive list of features, all bundled in a compact device. To ensure that you get to experience digitally precise sound with the Enco X earphones, OPPO has collaborated with the premium speaker manufacturer Dynaudio. For those of you who are not aware of Dynaudio, they are a renowned Danish audio brand with expertise in reconstructing authentic and natural sounds in high-end speakers. A product co-created in partnership with them is sure to get all the audiophile excited! Through this partnership, OPPO has evaluated 30 different materials, 152 components and went through 120 rounds of structural fine-tuning to bring you a product that is perfect in every way.

The OPPO Enco X earphones are also supported by the innovative DBEE 3.0 Sound System and LHDC wireless transmission. It was in 2007 that the brand released the DBEE 1.0 (Dynamic Bass enhancement engine) for its MP3 products. With DBEE 3.0, you get clearer audio, deeper bass and superb clarity. The support for LHDC (Low latency and High-Definition audio codec) ensured that I experienced minimal delay in audio while watching a movie or playing a game. Every sound was clearer, and every tone more distinct.

OPPO has applied coaxial dual drivers to the Enco X as well. There’s a 6mm balanced membrane driver in the front that handles high frequencies and a 11mm triple-layer dynamic driver at the back that handles the middle and low frequencies. Together they cover a wider range of frequencies and create a more dynamic audio experience.

While I was going through a variety of songs to test out the OPPO Enco X, I could immediately detect the difference in the audio quality. With these earphones, the vocals are a delight to hear, as the midrange is detailed, and the treble sparkles. There was never a moment when I was disappointed with the OPPO ENCO X’s well-tuned sound output. Furthermore, the acoustics inspired me to sing along and be lost in the moment. Even at the loudest of volumes, the earphones did not crackle. I could still hear the vocalist crooning and the drummer drumming away.

I was equally impressed with the Advanced Level Transparency mode. This mode gives you an enhanced awareness of your surrounding so you will be able to carry on a conversation without ever having to take your earphones off.

Active Noise Cancellation: Better than before

OPPO has fine-tuned its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithms and it comes with four modes – on, off, maximum and ‘transparency’ (where it cranks up the natural sounds around you) – and each of them is implemented perfectly. Depending on where you are, there is always a right mode that lets you enjoy your music.

OPPO also deserves all the praise for having achieved almost no loss in audio quality when the ANC setting is turned to the max. All the external noise is removed, and you are one with the song playing. I got the opportunity to experience this while wading through traffic in my cab ride, when every external sound was muted out. That’s the level of effectiveness that OPPO is offering with this device…Read more>>



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