Now, book long distance unreserved tickets with Indian Railways UTS app

Now, book long distance unreserved tickets with Indian Railways UTS app

Now you don’t need to stand in long queues at Indian Railways ticket counters to get your unreserved tickets for long distance journey. The Indian Railways has today officially rolled out the All-India Unreserved Mobile Ticketing facility (UTS on Mobile). “Ministry of Railways has introduced Unreserved Mobile Ticketing with a view to promote three C’s- Cashless transactions (Digital payment), Contactless ticketing (no need to physically visit the point of sale) and Customer convenience and experience. As a big leap, booking of unreserved tickets on all non-suburban sections across all Zonal Railways has been made available from 1st November to enable seamless booking of unreserved tickets all over Indian Railways,” said the ministry in a statement.

Check our Railways Minister Piyush Goyal’s Tweet over UTS app:

A pilot project for booking of unreserved tickets through the mobile phone was commenced in December, 2014 on select stations on Central Railway to provide customers the convenience of booking of unreserved tickets without having to stand in queues.

Gradually, unreserved Mobile ticketing was extended to all suburban sections in metropolitan cities of Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Secunderabad between 2015 and 2017 along with the facility of paperless ticketing. The facility of booking unreserved tickets, including season tickets and also platform tickets is available through the ‘UTSONMOBILE’ app available for Android, IOS and Windows phones……..Read More>>


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