BLOOPERS from Foot Volleyball (Jokgu) (족구) Recreational Game in South Korea

BLOOPERS from Foot Volleyball (Jokgu) (족구) Recreational Game in South Korea

Here are BLOOPERS from my limited experience with FOOT VOLLEYBALL played in South Korea.

During my four month work assignment to South Korea in 2008 my Korean work colleagues and friends offered me outstanding hospitality and treated me like royalty on all fronts. I experienced the many areas and facets of the country, its people, culinary culture and history.

It has been several years since I visited South Korea but the country never left me. I am forever indebted to the Koreans for the visit that gave me lifelong memories that I am frequently drawn back to. South Korea has been my HAPPY PLACE for when I need to get away from adversity.

My experience included learning how to play Foot Volleyball. Now that I am no longer running the risk of having my work performance reviews affected by my poor showing at the Korean game, I decided to publish this video summarizing my shortcomings with the game including several funny bloopers. Needless to say that my limited skills are in sharp contrast with the remarkable innate talents South Koreans have for the game. They certainly put up an impressive spectator-friendly show.

In spite of my obvious flaws, the Koreans were very keen to include me in their favorite lunch break pastime and were utterly enthusiastic supporters and good sports.

I will be honored to have South Koreans smile and laugh at my lack of skills with the sport which must take years of practice to reach any competitive level. There will never be enough smiles and laughter to match my appreciation for my Korean hosts, friends and colleagues.

Enjoy the short video.

My Appreciation to:
M. KyungCheol Moon (문경철) for Video-Recording the Lunchtime Game used in this video.
All my former work colleagues and friends at Novelis, Ulsan, South Korea for their outstanding hospitality.
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Arriba Mami by Jingle Punks
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