Best TV News Bloopers // Best Reporter Fails August 2015 // Funny Vide

Best TV News Bloopers // Best Reporter Fails August 2015 // Funny Vide

Best TV News Bloopers // Best Reporter Fails August 2015 // Funny Video

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20 thoughts on “Best TV News Bloopers // Best Reporter Fails August 2015 // Funny Vide

  • Ellena the great says:

    9:50 LOL

  • Jonathon Kearney says:

    "why are you smiling so much"? ohh as if you don't know!!

  • Spellman Pat says:

    greetings from BUFFALO ny

  • cHo “ChawkyV” ViiRuuS says:

    Bitch is basically topless ! How could she dress like that on TV ?

  • funfun701 AJ says:

    JACK SPARROW!!!(or however u spell it XD)

  • John Taylor says:

    Nothing like a good ending

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ says:

    1:20 was so funny..but she seems nice and those fucking jackasses fuck those types of chicks when i would kill them and beat the fuck out of them..girls like fucking doushebags when id bury those boring ass fucking hicks and belittle them in front of those types of whores..fuck them both..fucking die u fuking godddam backwards hick fucks..

  • Maisie Summers says:

    Thumbnail at 1:14

  • Fanta CS says:

    Jenny Scordamaglia was smooooooooooooooooooooooooking hot there holy damn

  • DAVID LOPAN says:

    Mike Tyson had every right to say "fuck you"! What kind of interviewer would just come out and say that? He could of said u had some hard times in the past and life growing up in the streets and jail … But that's all over with and your improving yourself. What a Jerk that interviewer is.. And why would any1 want to piss off m.t.?

  • DAVID LOPAN says:

    @1:10….."Woohoo".. Lmao

  • Fabian Berggren says:

    Rip Mike

  • Jimena Diaz says:

    Oh wow

  • Pendejo says:

    That interviewer with Mike Tyson was fucking with Mike, and then tried to act innocent. "We know you're a convicted rapist," well, if you all know why the need to mention it? Did you mention that Tyson has proclaimed his innocence form day one?

  • Maerahn says:

    So the woman at 1:40 thought at some point "Yeah, this outfit is TOTALLY suitable for doing a news report on national tv, what could possibly go wrong?"

  • Patty says:

    2.35 poor man????

  • John Tuff says:

    Ha ha ha that guy shirtless with the dog! lol

  • John Tuff says:

    3:30 I want to see candidates for US presidency do that!!

  • John Tuff says:

    1:30 it's just sad that to be TV reporter some peple rely primarly on… those things. I mean, nothing's wrong showing your body and all, but maybe this is the wrong profession. A career as a model, in advertising or X might be more suited. Asking men why they are smiling, what's on their mind, and mocking them because they are distracted by the view is just childish.

    It feels incomfortable here because she just puts these guys into a trap, as they know if they say something or look even one second, somebody is gonna take a snapshot and it will ruin their lives. Yet they (and I) would be totally okay watching her in an X-rated movie featuring that hot chick every straight guy in his right mind would like to fuck.

    I'm pretty sure she's saying the guy lies at the end of the sequence. So, point made, she was only fishing for comments about her boobs. Too bad for her she didn't get the attention she was looking for…

  • KeswickCamp08 says:

    6:12 is the best lmfao