All you need to know about Indian Railway’s Drishti

All you need to know about Indian Railway’s Drishti

Indian Railways, in association with Centre For Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has launched a software system called e-Drishti.

The platform aims to help the Railway Ministry to keep real-time and efficient track of daily rail updates, project reports, station standards, passenger grievances, and so on.

Punctuality monitoring :-

1) Punctuality is a huge concern for the Indian Railways. The e-Drishti software, therefore, will supply train timing information directly to the Ministry, on a daily-basis. This will help the department to better monitor punctuality performance of trains, and take necessary corrective actions.

2) The service will also make available, information concerned with freight and passenger earnings of the trains.

Real-time check on Railway stations :-

3) The system will also let the Ministry to keep a check on railway stations, focusing on aspects such as safety and sanitation…….Read More>>


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