Daily Archives: 19th March 2021

WhatsApp Ends Support for iOS 9, Now Requires iPhone 5 or Later to Work

As indicated in a newly published support document, WhatsApp has ended support for iOS 9 and earlier versions of Apple’s mobile operating system, requiring all users to be running at least iOS 10, released in 2016. Up until now, iOS 9 users – who will have been mainly iPhone 4s owners – were able to […]

Pay more for RC renewal of old vehicles from October

If you have a 15-year-old car or any other vehicle, you will have to pay a huge amount for the RC renewal of such vehicles. The Ministry of Roads and Transport has issued a draft notification explaining how costly it will become to own an old vehicle later this year. The notification is part of […]

YouTube Studio Gets New ‘Checks’ Feature, Flags Copyright Issues Before Publishing

YouTube is incorporating a new feature in YouTube Studio for desktop that checks for copyright infringement whenever a user uploads a video on the video sharing platform. To make money off one’s YouTube videos, one must strictly follow copyright laws. The video sharing platform, along with copyright owners, actively checks for any violation of the […]