Daily Archives: 15th March 2019

Lost your Aadhaar and don’t have registered mobile no, Just do this

Aadhaar or Unique Identity Number (UID) is the 12-digit number involving random numbers given by UIDAI to the residents of India after satisfying the verification process laid down by the Authority.  This number is very important, as it is your Aadhaar identification code. When you visit a bank or file for ITR or apply PAN, […]

Planning to settle abroad? Here’s how you can withdraw your EPF money

Before you pack your bags and fly abroad to work and settle there, make sure to pay heed to your Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) account. While working in India, if you are contributing to EPF, then you are eligible to withdraw the amount and close the account. As per the EPF Act, if a subscriber […]

WhatsApp Reverse Image Search – Is it to Tackle Fake News

WhatsApp has been trying to combat fake news by restricting forwards as well as released commercials to educate the masses about the news that is shared on the platform. The latest measure that the company is working on is the reverse image search feature. According to a report by a WABetainfo, WhatsApp beta 2.19.73 update […]

Carrying more than one PAN? How to surrender additional PAN online

Permanent Account Number or PAN is ans unique identification number issued by the Income Tax Department to every tax paying entity(individual or company). The 10-digit alphanumeric number is used as an identity proof for various banking and other financial transactions. An individual’s PAN helps the I-T department track all the financial transactions done through the […]

Paytm Payments Bank to pay this much interest and more here

Paytm Payments Bank has revealed some good news for its customers, especially saving bank account holders. The bank has now further consolidated its position as a market leader by launching its own mobile banking app that will offer users quick and effortless financial transactions.A Paytm Payments Bank customer can now check balance, raise request for […]

Here is how you can check Rs 100 Note fake or genuine

Demonetisation was a step taken by the Modi government to curb black money. Post demonetisation, almost all the Indian currency notes underwent a makeover and among them was the revamped version of the Rs 100 note as well. The lavender coloured notes were unveiled last year in July under the Mahatma Gandhi New Series. But […]